Ratna Memorial Public School
(Affiliated to CBSE, Delhi)
Affiliation No.: 2310373
School Code: 09160

Few words from the principal (Anupama Srivastava)

Every ward is of great concern primarily to their parents and secondarily to their teachers. Each parent nurtures their beloved ward with the water of love, affection, emotion desires to transform them morally, socially and technically into ideal human being for the prosperity of their family and strengthen Nation with their educational skill.

As per my view, “Education is of two types, one form of education teaches us to Earn living and other form teaches us to live”. Pupil receives Education to live at his or her first school (Home) and Education to Earn living at his or her second school (School of admission).

The education for art of living (Education to live) like way of talking with younger and elder, way of behaving with others begins at Home itself, which is the very first school of every pupil from infancy to childhood.

The First Educator of every pupil is his or her Mother only. She playes important role in Modeling of child, Mother’s education is essential. Fundamentally, Mother is female gender, who in earlier times were deprived of education but now the time has changed a lot. In modern time, females are getting equal opportunity of learning and serving nation at all levels, which is a good sign for child from them to have such educated mother. In busy life, working educated mother should spare time for looking after and modeling premature attitude and behavior of their affectionate child.

The second school of pupil (School of admission) Models latent talents of buddies to achieve their determined goal through comprehensive discourse of subject knowledge by expert teachers of their field. Subject knowledge is accessible to pupil at the instant click of mouse. Second Educator for pupil is his or her school teacher, whose teaching he or she follows throughout his or her life.

Modern Society is highly influenced by scientific and technological advancement. In materialistic world of modern society, pupils have devaluated Moral, Social Ethical and Religious values, which is of great concern. Social evil like exploitation, corruption, discrimination and politics are affecting the forthcoming posterity.

Issue of Moral Dilemma needs to be resolved at Parent-Teacher Interface level with child in common i.e., at the level of home through counseling of pupil by their Parent and at the level of school through their Teachers.

CBSE-Board to which RAMPUS- School is affiliated, has already taken initiative to inculcate in child, the moral, social, ethical and religious values through Co-Scholastic Evaluation (Non-Academic) of child along with Scholastic-Evaluation (Academic) so as to achieve Holistic Development of child, under CCE-Scheme.

CCE stands for Continuous, Comprehensive Evaluation. Under this scheme, pupils are evaluated throughout the year in a comprehensive way. They are not only evaluated academically rather are evaluated non-academically on several parameters like Life skill, Social skill, Performing arts (like Dance, Craft, Drawing etc.), Attitude towards teachers, class-mates, school assets and Value system. CCE-Pattern of education emphasizes on of pupil on regular basis throughout the year.

Board has given responsibility to teachers to produce Technological Talents coupled with Moral, social and ethical values to build-up Nation free of social evil.