Ratna Memorial Public School
(Affiliated to CBSE, Delhi)
Affiliation No.: 2130373
School Code: 70496

Few words from the manager Vivek Kumar Srivastava

My greetings to our visitors! As you explore the website you shall discover that RAMPUS is an epitome of vibrancy and excellence. Since its inception in 1993 it has always striven to bring out not only the best students but also the best in students. RAMPUS is the nurturing ground for academic interests, talents, and ingenuity. We nurture the dreams and aspirations of our students and provide them platforms to help their dreams assume a shape.

Our distinguished and dedicated teachers have always guided the students overcome the rigorous academic curriculum and prepare them for a fulfilling career ahead. Their contribution is not limited to the four walls of classroom; they lend support and play the role of a mentor in the developmental aspects of our students.

In terms of infrastructure RAMPUS is second to none. It has well-equipped science laboratories, a library whose stock is upgraded every year by a select library committee, computer labs, sports and recreational facility, etc. And teachers at RAMPUS capitalize on the audio-visual infrastructure to aid their classroom teachings.

In the academic session 2009-2010, students and teachers alike have outperformed themselves not only in classroom but also in extra-curricular activities. All year round the school has remained vibrant with various activities.

My words speak less than the action RAMPUS displays. One can only understand the educational and other values that the college imparts only when one partakes in the RAMPUS experience. It takes pride in having nurtured the finest individuals. We welcome you to join the fraternity called RAMPUS and experience the high-quality education and opportunities it has to offer.