Ratna Memorial Public School
(Affiliated to CBSE, Delhi)
Affiliation No.: 2130373
School Code: 70496


 Gorakhpur Mahotsav -2020  (i) Fancy Dress competition -
        III Rank
        I Consolation
        II Consolation
 (ii) Group Dance Competition - 1st Prize
 (iii) Science skit - 1st Prize
 (iv) Debate competition
        Junior Group Hindi 1st Prize
        Senior Group Hindi 1st Prize
        English 3rd Prize
 Inter House Competition at School level  (i) Drawing competition - Blue House
 (ii) Patriotic Group song - Green House
 (iii) Essay competition - Blue House
 SCIENCE EXHIBITION ORGANISED BY STATE GOVERNMENT AT ZONAL LEVEL -2019-20 HOSTED BY RAMPUS  Students of RAMPUS participated from different classes in scientific projects and activities and achieved several prizes.
 As the period was COVID-19 pandemic so no gathering was allowed. So no extra curricular activity in school was conducted. Online extra curricular activity like debate, extempore, solo dance etc. are conducted.
      Our school premise is full of various types of plants and trees. It has pollution free environment as each student may develop a deeper understanding of environmental issues and have the skill to get informed about important decisions. We inculcate the habit of protection of plants and trees to balance the ecosystem of the society. Our students have always shown their interest and response on environmental issues. We had given target to each student to plant new sapling in their house and society which was implemented and achieved during the session. In this way our students learn how human beings can manage behaviour and ecosystem to live sustainably and get awared of environment. Our school was awarded first rank in school of Gorakhpur for neatness and cleanliness by Nagar Ayukt, Municipal Corporation, Gorakhpur.
 Badminton Competition  Senior Double (Boys ) - Green House
 Junior Double (Boys) - Saffron House
 Senior Single (Boys ) - Saffron House
 Junior Single (Boys) - Blue House
 Senior Double (Girls ) - White House
 Junior Double (Girls) - Blue House
 Senior Single (Girls ) - Green House
 Junior Single (Girls) - Blue House
 BOARD EXAMINATION RESULTS (2019-20)  X - 96.20%
 XII - 86.97%
 ACTIVITY  Parents teachers meet is called on every three months and their suggestions taken and incorporated in the daily activity of school.